10 Reasons You Should Trade Your Dayplanner for a Sketchbook

Is your social media feed currently flooded with advertisements for organizers and dayplanners?

Do they promise to make this year better than the one before?

1. Drawing creates a “state” change.

2. You don’t have to be an artist to leverage visuals.

3. Our brains process visuals faster than text.

4. Visuals can reveal the underlying structure better than words.

5. We are biologically wired to be visual.

6. It feels more fun.

7. Adding simple sketches takes us off of autopilot.

8. In a digital world, tactile feels simple.

9. It changes the angle of observation from inside of our head to outside of us.

10. When you design the system for yourself, it fits perfectly.

I did this five years ago and it changed my life.

Here’s the big payoff:

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