As an apple-shaped woman, fashion seemed to be something I had to enjoy from the sidelines—until Patricia took me under her wing.

Blue high heels, pink jacket, and pink purse, viewed from above
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I love makeover shows. Stacy and Clinton. Jeannie Mai. Tan France.

There’s always this magical moment when the person the stylists are working with starts standing differently when they seem to become a different version of themselves simply because they’ve changed their wardrobe.

But in spite of the number of…

Exterior Center for Visual & Performing Arts at Arlington ISD photo by Chad Davis
Photo: Chad Davis

How well are we preparing today’s students for the future of work?

And how is education supposed to train students for a future that has yet to be defined?

Research by global consulting firm, predicts that ”the hardest activities to automate with currently available technologies are those that involve managing and developing people (9% automation potential) or that apply expertise to…

Cathy Hutchison

Deeply curious on why and how people engage together. Visual journal enthusiast. Get her QuickStart Guide to Visual Journaling:

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