As an apple-shaped woman, fashion seemed to be something I had to enjoy from the sidelines—until Patricia took me under her wing.

Blue high heels, pink jacket, and pink purse, viewed from above
Blue high heels, pink jacket, and pink purse, viewed from above
Image credit: netrun78.

I love makeover shows. Stacy and Clinton. Jeannie Mai. Tan France.

There’s always this magical moment when the person the stylists are working with starts standing differently when they seem to become a different version of themselves simply because they’ve changed their wardrobe.

But in spite of the number of makeover shows I’ve binged, I’d gotten extremely comfortable in my work-from-home yoga pants.

My friend, Sarah, quipped, “I’m pretty sure that by the end of quarantine, we will have become a workforce who has forgotten how to wear pants.”

She’s not wrong.

According to a May 2020 survey, only 53%…

Exterior Center for Visual & Performing Arts at Arlington ISD photo by Chad Davis
Exterior Center for Visual & Performing Arts at Arlington ISD photo by Chad Davis
Photo: Chad Davis

How well are we preparing today’s students for the future of work?

And how is education supposed to train students for a future that has yet to be defined?

Research by global consulting firm, McKinsey, predicts that ”the hardest activities to automate with currently available technologies are those that involve managing and developing people (9% automation potential) or that apply expertise to decision making, planning, or creative work (18%).”

What if the very programs that struggle for funding are the ones most needed for what comes next? What if arts education is essential to train students for a future that is still being written?

The digital future accelerates the need for artists.

Natalie Nixon, in her article for Inc. Magazine…

It’s almost the beginning of a new year. And THIS is the year you will get organized!

But where do you start?

There are tons of planners on the market. (With some pretty hefty pricetags.)

But who has time to learn a new system? Or fill out all of those pages? Ugh. You have enough things going on. Planners are supposed to make your life easier, not load you down with forms to fill out.

What if you could go simple with a system that fits you 100%? …

Does having children make you more forgetful? Do you find things harder to process?

Have you ever felt a sense of overwhelm from things you previously navigated with ease?

If so, you wouldn’t be the first to blame it on “mom brain.”

And while that’s an excuse over which your mom friends will share an empathetic laugh, would it freak you out to learn that “mom brain” is real?

There is evidence for the neuroscience behind this, but there are also other more practical reasons. Forget that you are exhausted — ALL THE TIME. …

Let’s face it.

Creatives have a reputation for being messy.

It makes sense. After all, our heads are messy. There are so many ideas. So many possibilities.

And when creating, it’s more fun to work from a palette.

Besides, you never know when inspiration might hit and you can just start creating from things you have around the house.

The problem is that there often isn’t enough space to create in.

And, the visual clutter can spark more feelings of overwhelm than feelings of productivity.

Conventional wisdom says that more is better.

We often think that more is better. That it creates additional possibilities.

Yet when it…

You bought in.

You grabbed all the supplies. Set up your planner step by step.

You crafted your goals. You detailed your habits.

You did everything your planner asked you to do. The initial pages were in perfect order.

But then all those magical promises about organizing your life?

It just didn’t deliver.

And worse, you wind up blaming yourself. After all, if you were doing it right, it would work, wouldn’t it?

What if the problem isn’t you?

Here are 4 reasons that your paper planner fails you:

1. It’s too awkward to carry it around everywhere.

Planners that sit around don’t serve you. …

It’s embarrassing really.

You started off with such great intentions for keeping a journal this year.

But there it sits with a few pages filled, and the rest are just…

Well, blank.

Here’s the thing. It isn’t your fault that you haven’t kept up your journal. You have tons of things going on — which is probably why you decided to pick up journaling in the first place.

This post gets into the reasons we often abandon our journals, with some very practical (and blissfully easy) strategies for making it a part of your daily life.

The real reasons you abandon your journal. (Hint: it’s not that you’re lazy.)

Pinterest is making you feel like a loser.

If you’ve been hanging…

You’ve been eyeing that Midori Traveler, but you already have a Leuchtturm. And a couple of Moleskines. And someone gifted you Field Notes. Plus, the new official Bullet Journal is out. In colors.

And don’t even get started on your collection of pens.

Or brush markers.

Washi tape doesn’t count. Does it? After all, it’s so small.

For a practice that is supposed to simplify our lives, journaling can come with an awful lot of accessories. And those accessories don’t come cheap.

Journals run from $20 to the hundreds, and pens (in all colors) follow close behind. Not to mention…

Gratitude practices — like journaling things you are thankful for — have been proven to increase happiness and life satisfaction.

But can it actually make you rich?

In the The Science of Getting Rich, Wallace Wattles writes, “The grateful mind is constantly fixed upon the best. Therefore, it tends to become the best; it takes the form or character of the best and will receive the best.”

Most of us agree that gratitude is a good thing. The question is: can it create what wasn’t there before? Tangible things…like opportunity…or a great space to live in…or actual personal wealth.


A week ago, you got inspired to kick off a morning routine. It was going to get you fit. It was going to further your business. It was going to bring you closer to your dream.

(It was going to finally make you feel like you had your sh*t together.)

You started full of hope and inspiration. But now, less than seven days in, you’ve missed two.

How did that happen?

You were so excited!

Morning routines are cited by the most influential people as the difference between those who reach their dreams, and those who do not.

So why…

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