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  • Flora Koczka

    Flora Koczka

  • Ruth Hunter-Hill

    Ruth Hunter-Hill

    Student. Teacher. Accidental Influencer. Just trying to enjoy my life...

  • Simon Robinson

    Simon Robinson

    Co-author of Deep Tech and the Amplified Organisation, Customer Experiences with Soul and Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter. CEO of Holonomics

  • Shea Cole

    Shea Cole

    Full-time marketer, part-time writer. VP Marketing at Fullscript. American living in Canada.

  • Alina Manko

    Alina Manko

    Exploring the little spaces of connection and tapping into our creative voice. Focused on following my curiosity. https://www.instagram.com/curious_observations

  • Sílvia Bastos

    Sílvia Bastos

    Habit Coach. Self-Experimenter. Find your ideal Keystone Habit here: https://journalsmarter.com/keystone-habit/

  • Mitch Glass

    Mitch Glass

    Mitch inspires others to escape the rat race and travel the world. Want to become location independent? I’ll teach you: https://www.projectuntethered.com/

  • Subhajit Banerjee

    Subhajit Banerjee

    ✐Writer | Productivity-Freak | T-Shaped Developer | Dad. Passionate about upgrading emotional fitness: resilienthuman.me/newsletter/

  • Ted Bauer

    Ted Bauer

    Blogging, largely about work and how to improve it. How I make (some) money: http://thecontextofthings.com/work-with-me/

  • Kristen Anderson

    Kristen Anderson

    Guide to the Unknown podcast cohost, writer. I’m into weirdness, “wellness,” and pop culture. How complex! (She/her)

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