Some of the richest people have gratitude practices. Should you?

Oprah Winfrey — Net worth: $3.2 billion

Tony Robbins — Net worth: $480 Million

Cindy Crawford — Net worth: $100 million

Kelsey Grammer — Net worth: $60 million

Chris Pratt — Net worth, $40 million

Willie Nelson — Net worth, $25 million

Bob Proctor — Net worth, $20 million

Eckhart Tolle — Net worth: $15 million

Will Arnett — Net worth: $12 million)

John Demartini — Net worth: $10 million

Research says, this doesn’t just work for people who are already wealthy. It can make you into someone who can create it.

From living in a garage, to being rich.

What if you’ve been sitting on a hidden practice all along that could dramatically increase your personal wealth?



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