Why daytimers and planners never fix your organization problems

Here are 4 reasons that your paper planner fails you:

1. It’s too awkward to carry it around everywhere.

2. Your planner is too much like Sheldon Cooper.

3. Your planner triggered a stationary addiction.

4. Your planner doesn’t think the same way you do.

It isn’t the planner that gets you organized. It’s your brain, your eyes, and the paper.

  • Mindmap an idea.
  • Pour out the random tasks pinging around in our head into a cogent list.
  • Remind ourselves of what’s important.
  • Journal jumbled thoughts until they become clear.
  • Diagram a plan.
  • Spill gratitude in the margins.
  • Vision board where we want to go.
  • Hatch mark habits to see progress.
  • Add color, artistic touches, and inspirational quotes to engage our emotion.

Now, look at you getting organized!



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